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This project located in Coatepec, Veracruz has become a great achievement of hygrothermal comfort in the area. It has excellent control of temperature, humidity and wind circulation. The morphology of its foundations is inspired by the terraces of Muchu Picchu, rising above the natural level of the land and consisting of a series of fill embankments. The project has even managed to overcome the moisture that rises from the subsoil by means of strategically placed gravel and drainage. In addition to the above, the control of ventilation through windows and doors allows active-passive control of the interior climate. The roofs have a slope of approximately 30%, which has shown high efficiency for hygrothermal comfort control. It is also an outstanding experimental sampler of various construction technologies using “raw local” resources. All this together with an organic formal expression, results in a good example of bioclimatic architecture highly adapted to its environment.

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